Dedicated Host

This option enables you to deploy DDC resource pools on a standardized dedicated cloud stack (exclusive usage for one tenant). Managing is done on the DCS portal and you may use them together with you existing DDC resource pools. Please contact the DCS hotline (0800 526 526) for more information.

Use cases for this option:

  • Software license restrictions
  • Regulations
  • Security considerations

Usable capacity per site

Component Description
Hardware Cloud Server, 36 cores, 256 GB RAM (64-bit architecture)

Dedicated host design

Remark: depite the underlying infrastructure provides 512 GB per host, you should only provison approximately 240 GB (256GB-admin overhead) to ensure proper HA functionality.

Dedicated Host design considerations

  • Self-Service: Service catalog templates may be used in shared as well as in dedicated host resource pools.
  • Service Levels: Standard, Basic, Advanced
  • Ordering: Min. 2 physical hardware platforms (in HA mode)
  • Connectivity: EON and ION, LAN-I, BNS
  • Billing: Dedicated hosts are shown as a fixed position on the billing record. There is no usage based billing for compute resources (CUs, RAM).
  • Mandatory contract duration 6 months

Dedicated Host integration

For integration, please follow the described path:

Step Action Where to do
1 Create a “Dedicated Host Pool” (1) DCS Portal
2 Create new DDC (with target “Dedicated Host”) DCS Portal
3 Optional: if required, connect the new DDC with existing DDCs or use outside connections DCS Portal

(1) Actually, Step 1 is processed by calling the DCS Support Hotline

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